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    Suzhou Singapore International School is a fully authorized IB World School catering for 2-18 year olds, located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.
  SSIS offers the IB Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme along with a German curriculum for students in Grade 1 to 4 and a half day program for 2-3 year olds with the Little Dragons class. The common language at SSIS is English, the schools primary language.
  SSIS提供了IB小学项目,中年计划课程和文凭课程还有一个德国学生年级1到4天半计划2 - 3岁的小龙类。 SSIS的通用语言是英语,学校的主要语言。
Our students represent over 45 nationalities with a total enrollment of 1,200. Students enjoy a wide range of co-curricular opportunities in a positive environment with outstanding facilities and resources. Our excellent academic results are consistently above world average. Graduates from SSIS have been accepted by prestigious colleges and universities across the globe.
  大家的学生代表在45个国家总人数1200人。 学生享有广泛的课外学习的机会与杰出的一个积极的环境设施和资源。 大家的优秀的学术成绩一直高于世界平均水平。 毕业生SSIS已经接受全球的知名高校。
Representing 20 nationalities, our experienced and qualified staff provide a caring environment to help students learn, grow and succeed. SSIS teachers stay for an average of four to five years, supported in their professional growth by a dynamic professional development program and collaborative professional learning communities.
  代表20国籍,大家的经验和合格的员工提供一个充满爱心的环境帮助学生学习、成长和成功。 SSIS老师待平均四到五年,支撑他们的专业发展动态专业发展项目和协作专业学习社区。
Mission & Vision
  Suzhou Singapore International School provides an excellent international education to the children of expatriate families.
  The staff, students and parents of Suzhou Singapore International School work in partnership to create a learning environment that encourages and enables students to be self-motivated, lifelong learners, who value other cultures and are responsible, meaningful participants in the international community.
History & Future
  SSIS was founded in 1996 with 27 students. The school initially offered the Singaporean curriculum, before becoming an IB World School in 2001. SSIS gained authorization from the International Baccalaureate Organisation for the Middle Years Programme in 2001, Diploma Programme in 2003 and the Primary Years Programme in 2008.
  SSIS成立于1996年,27岁的学生。 学校较初提供新加坡的课程,在2001年成为世界IB学校之前。 SSIS获得国际学士学位授权组织中间年计划2001年,文凭计划在2003年和2003年的小学课程。
  In 2005 the first students graduated from SSIS. The same year the school moved to a purpose built campus located on Zhong Nan Jie. Constructed on 15 hectares, the campus features modern facilities for teaching, sport, performing and visual arts.
  在2005年第一个学生毕业于SSIS。 同年,学校搬到一个目的建立校园位于钟南街。 建在15公顷,校园功能现代教学设施、体育、表演和视觉艺术。
  In 2008 SSIS gained joint accreditation with the European based Council of International Schools, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (US), and the National Centre for Curriculum and Textbooks (China).
  In 2013, SSIS became one of the first schools in the world to successfully undertake a joint reaccreditation and evaluation process with the International Baccalaureate Organisation, the Council of International Schools, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and the National Centre for Curriculum and Textbooks simultaneously. At the end of this process, the school received 34 commendations and was described by the accreditation team as "a reflective institution committed to promoting internationalism and quality educational experiences, which has made impressive progress and meets the needs of its student body while building trust, communication and support with faculty and parents"
  In 2016, SSIS is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
  2016年,SSIS 20周年纪念。

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